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This site was coded by hand in Notepad...the RIGHT way! It is best veiwed at 1024x768x16bpp resolution, but has also been certified at 800x600x16bpp resolution.

All original stories and artwork are 2000 by rabBit

No material may be reprinted, reproduced, or copied by any means without the authors expressed permission. You may link to the following page only:

All characters names are real unless I have been asked by the player to not disclose their characters names.

All screenshots have been reduced in color and detail for minimal bandwidth usage. Screenshots were taken using a Diamond Viper TNT2 32MB AGP card with all texture and video options to MAX.

Why Tripod? Yeah, I know they have a pop-up...just let it sit behind your main windows and you won't even know it's there. Tripod has been good to me, and their servers are the most reliable I've ever used for a webpage...and I've used many.

Asherons Call is 1999 Microsoft Corp. and Turbine Entertainment, all rights reserved. This site does not knowingly infringe upon their copyrights, nor does it knowingly violate the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). If you believe I may be in violation of the copyright holders rights or the EULA, please feel free to notify me at

Craigstone Falls