Burke: An Asherons Call Story

"What separates man from beast, is that man is inherently more than a vessle to pass his seed from one generation to the next, for he is also led to learn, explore, and alter the world about him. In doing so, he passes not only his seed, but his knowledge."
-Sojuri Hen-Halbaba, upon his deathbed in Samsur, 8 P.Y.


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An artist's rendering of an arrival on Dereth

     We arrived from Ispar, each drawn to this New World for reasons yet understood. Perhaps God saw each of our hearts and found that we each yearned for more than a rudimentary existence. Perhaps he saw that some of us were too proud. Or, perhaps, it was merely happenstance that we each were drawn to step through that portal which has so drastically altered our very perceptions about who we are.

     It is for each man to discover his worth. The proud display their wealth and power, exerting great influence over his fellow man. The humble smiley faintly to themselves, enticed by the masterfully painted patterns on the wing of a moth. The courageous throw themselves into the melee of adventure, living on the rush of survival. The meek fold the blade with the patience of water cutting stone.

     Within Dereth, as on Ispar, we are a people divided by ideas and purpose. Unlike Ispar, however, we are a people with an over-ridding common goal: survival on this hostile New World.

     Sages, saints, sinners, warriors, craftsmen, poets, and thief alike are at the mercy of the constantly shifting whims and seasons of Dereth. It is not for me to say what is what, who is right and who lies, who is just and who trespasses, for it is not my place to judge these things. Rather, it is for me to judge myself, and from that, strive to both better myself and to assist in the struggle, with my fellow man, for simple survival.

     Within these pages, I have submitted to common knowledge my experiences with this brave new world, and leave you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions. Stumble with me through hardship, and join me in celebrating my victories. Stand in awe alongside me as we gaze upon land whose history is as much a mystery as our purpose.

These pages chronicle my ongoing journeys in this land, and as my adventures continue, I shall in turn continue to further this story. Where, and when, it shall end, I cannot say. Perhaps I shall perish on some wind-swept plane, or perhaps I will come to loath the wilderness and set up shop in one of the many established towns.

The future is unknown to all but God. Our purpose will be revealed with each of our passings, and until that time, it is up to each of us to continue in pursuit of understanding just why we are here, and to continue the war of survival.

I am Burke of Hebian-To. Join me as I chronicle a chapter of this story we in the know like to call...

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